WHAT TO DO WHEN THE PRAYER IS NOT FLOWING AT ALL.... If you fall asleep in the place of prayers, that is not a sign that you should stop praying.

If you are struggling to pray and the prayer is not flowing, even the tongues is not coming at all, and it seems as if you are wasting your time,
That is also not a sign that you should stop praying.

Rather it is a sign that there is something big you are to hit in the realm of the Spirit if only you persist in the place of prayers.

Devil already saw that coming so he thought he could discourage and distract you with sleep, slumber, tiredness, fatigue, he just failed.

If I were you, I will rise up and tell the devil, it is time to pray and I will pray this prayers
I will pace to and fro the room
I will increase my voice louder and louder
I will get a concentrated message or worship song from a consecrated and concentrated minister and plug my earpiece into my ears.
I confess scriptures
I will rejoice for the blessing that is coming ayayayay.

Help me announce to the devil,
I don't pray by feelings
I pray by my spirit
My spirit is ever willing even though my flesh and soul is weak

So when the body and soul is misbehaving, I switch over to the Spirit
It Is like using an aeroplane as a towing vehicle to tow a bicycle

Devil just messed up
If i were you, for that discouragement
I will press further In hours
Hear me, you can ask the devil if you have his phone number,
One of the day he tried it with me
I responded with 5 hours In prayers

Though it was not easy but i know that men that take things easy will be eased out of destiny.

Stop praying by feelings or else you will never pray because there might never be a time you feel like praying
But pray by your Spirit, aided and assisted by your Spirit.
God bless you 

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