Man captures moment LASTMA officials were counting the money allegedly extorted from him and others in Lagos (video)

A man has accused LASTMA officials of extortion and he shared a video to back his claims.

Ibukun Mike said the incident happened on May 15, 2020. He acknowledged that he and other road users were guilty of taking one way but he explained that they did so because there was a road block on the side of the road they were supposed to pass.


He claims a LASTMA official from the Masamasa (Maza-Maza) LASTMA office stopped them and took them to his office where he allegedly collected 50,000 Naira in cash from each of them without giving them receipts.


In a video shared by Mike, a woman is seen counting the money allegedly extorted from those arrested. Mike claims the officer who did the extortion left the office and asked his assistants seen in the video to count the money.


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