It seems our government wasted the time of innocent citizen of this country with the 28 days lock down. Restriction of movement was ineffective, as we still recorded cases infected persons who sneaked from a state to the other, the law enforcement agents compromised by allowing some of these movements, citizens as a result of hunger & lack enough adequate relief package defied the sit at home and social distance, public figure &political elites also violated the instruction, government fail to embark on proper decontamination of public places, conduct of test and enhancement of academic researchs in developing vaccines or drugs to cure this virus.

Due to public outcry and the state of the economy, the state governors are about to relax the lockdown compelling people to use face mask. I wonder how a government that was unable to enforce sit at home policy while majority of the citizen are at home will enforce the use of face mask and social distancing when they finally relax the intra state lockdown.
 Sincerely am also sick of sitting at home, but the sincere truth is that; what we have achieved with the lockdowns are as follows; 
1. Compelling our people to stay at home & making them realize that COVID-19 is real. 
2. Reawakening their consciousness to washing of hands, the use of face, social and physical distancing.
3. Reigniting pro-activeness of political office holders and public servants in active service. 

In view of this, the spread of COVID-19 in Nigeria is at its formative stage, the previous effort is below average and therefore relaxing the lock down at this critical point is not tenable. It is synonymous to gambling and an attempt to reduce the noise of the hungry citizens and minimize the blame being poured out of government for their failure to provide sustainable welfare package. 

We are about to minimize citizens agitations instead of curtailing the devastating spread and effect of COVID-19. 

I pray we won't be forced to chew what we are about to vomit in weeks and months to come.

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