TRENDING: What Simi Did That No Nigerian artiste has Ever Done -(photos)

Simi, a well-known Nigerian singer-songwriter, is a single bird in the Nigerian entertainment industry who no longer needs to be identified about her character.

Since the expectant mother dropped the song "Duduke" in celebration of the baby she is carrying, she has become a fetus, not just a famous child, but a symbol of love and hope for many.

Simi happened to be the first Nigerian artist to use her pregnancy to challenge the world, especially in Nigeria.

The viral song gained its own life with the #DudukeChallenge Challenge, where everyone "gets pregnant", mimics the song, dances on it, or simply mimics the love the song creates every time it plays.

"Whoever has the most creative cover gets 200,000 from my team," says Simi and Adekunle Gold at Challenge Awards. "Whoever makes the most interesting cover gets a personalized gift from me; we make a song together."

Many challenge the message of love and hope.

Stars like 2 Baba grew up on this unique song. Mike Edwards and his wife Perry did not come to play either.

Simi said in a message on #DudukeChallenge: "Many people have asked me what Duduke means - be it your heartbeat or the beat of the drums you move your body to, or the beats for which you sing a melody.

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