Call to Glory: Ravi Zacharias passed away today, aged 74 (photos)

News reaching us is that Ravi Zacharias passed away today, aged 74. 

I write this with a heavy heart and quavering hands: although the Lord knows best why some things happen, but your biblical expositions and un-flawed exegesis answered deep questions that puzzled a lot of skeptics and religious people alike.
Who knew if you hadn't fulfilled destiny, some skeptics, atheist and people from other religions which were converted when they heard you would probably still be in darkness. Lecrae was a believer because you scripturally demystified the unending questions that kept ringing in his heart.

I watched a video where an atheist asked you ‘Why are you so afraid of Subjective Morality?’. You simply said ‘Do you lock your doors at night’ Your reply threw me off my chair. By the time you were done, the young man couldn't say anything again.

Everyone respected you! Not just Christians. I can go on and on. It was my heart desire to meet you, I didn't know you would leave us so soon. I know you are in a better place now but we have very few apologist like you defending the gospel with a vehement passion, reasoning, spirit filled wisdom and inherent scriptural logic; We are praying that another Ravi Zacharias will rise soon!

Rest in the bosom of our Lord Professor Ravi Zacharias. You departure leaves us with the theme of fulfilling our God ordained purpose on the earth. You were a profitable servant, Rest in peace.

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