Just In: NYSC speaks as regard May/June Allowance

Corps members grips with fear, worried if they are going to receive any allowance from the federal government from the month of June if this pandemic continues. Covid-19 pandemic has caused the country to embark on total and partial lockdown for almost three months now.Recall: on 25th of April the management of the Nation Youth Service Corps reacted to the fake news release circulated by mischievous entities, reported that the Director- General, Brig. Gen. Shuaibu Ibrahim has conveyed that corps members monthly stipends for April and May would be contributed to the fight against Coronavirus.

It is said that this is a mischievous story from a fake source and poorly written without any iota of truth.The management went further to assure all the corps members to remain focused and committed as they will all be paid for the month of April and May without any form of gathering or clearance as usual.

Approaching to June, corps members begin to ask if they are going to receive their monthly allowee "as popularly called" for the rest of the months after May of this lockdown continues.

One of the corps member I spoke with yesterday said "The fear of getting our monthly stipend from June is due to the statement of NYSC management during the early stage of the lockdown.

The DG said that we are going to receive our monthly stipend for April and May, he didn't mention other monthsThis same thought might have been going on in the minds of many corps members because their monthly stipends are always important to them expecially during this lockdown. Many traveled to their different destinations while some remain in their place of services hoping that things should resume as normal soon.

Having made a lot of expenses on feeding alone, and have never receive any palliative from anybody, they can't afford to dance the tune of Federal Government suspends their payment for June.

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