Just In: Nathaniel Bassey shares a powerful testimony as the #Hallelujah Challenge continues..(photos)

Nathaniel Bassey is the brain behind the #HallelujahChallenge, where he worships God for an hour, from 12:00 am to 1:00 am. 
He streams this event on his Instagram page and invites others to join him. In less than a month, the event had over 600,000 views. 

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 When God gives a word, it might not come immediately but it will surely come. I was praying for my aunt whose husband was taken from her by another woman many years ago before I was even born, that God should restore their marriage and you gave a prophecy that you saw a marriage that had been broken for over 30years being restored. Sir my aunty just testified to me that her husband came back begging a day to her birthday this year and that they are back together now. I’m short of words but immersely grateful to God almighty. God bless you greatly sir.

I declare restoration of your marriage in Jesus’ name!
Everything that was stolen from you is being restored in Jesus’ name!

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