How To Make Your PPA Retain You After Your NYSC

How To Make Your PPA Retain You After Your NYSC

1. Be Punctual to work: Employers like employees who come to work on time, and are where they supposed to be. Always inform your employer ahead of time of changes in your schedule or if you are going to be late for any reason.

2. Have sense of honesty and integrity: Employers like employees who maintain a sense of honesty and integrity. Good relationships are built on trust. Employers need someone they can trust.

3. Be self-motivated: Employers like people who require little or no supervision/direction to get the work done in a timely and professional manner. Once a self-motivated employee know his work, he will do it without anybody asking him to do so.

4. Add value to the organization: Adding value to the organization you work is one of the biggest secrets of getting retained. No employer wants to let go of an employee that is making waves for the organization.

5. Be Goal and Result Oriented: Being a goal-getter will always set you above your peers. Always be at the top of your game. Set goals and standards for yourself periodically depending on your capabilities. Strive for the achievements of such goals and objectives. As an intern, do not feel over-used even when it may seem so sometimes. Be a high achiever of results and you will most certainly find favour in the sight of the right people who will be in charge of making the decision to retain you.

6. Develop Personal and Professional Skills: Employers like employees who exhibit professional behavior at all times. Professional behavior includes learning every aspect of a job and doing it to the best of one’s ability. Professionals look, speak, and dress accordingly to maintain an image of someone who takes pride in their behavior and appearance. Professionals complete projects as soon as possible and avoid letting uncompleted projects pile up.

The point enlisted again here

Be punctual to work

Have sense of honesty and integrity

Be self-motivated

Add value to the organization

Be goal and result oriented

Develop personal and professional skills

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