How to be successful only with your NYSC ALLOWANCE


Now, your dream has come through. The government is paying you #33,000 as allowance. I am happy for you. 

*Do you know that #33,000 multiplied by 12 is #396,000? If you don't want to be a job seeker after 12 months, then this write up is for you.*

The rich doesn't just become wealthy in a day, they maximize their opportunities daily. #33,000 is the opportunity you have to maximize as a corps member. Demands will always be made from you once people are aware of your income. 

*If you don't apply wisdom in your generosity, it is possible you finish your service with a zero balance.*


Every successful man closes their ears from the noise of the crowd before they can become successful. When men demands financial assistance from you, don't prove to be financially buoyant when you are not. The best way to help is to seek for an alternative. Don't gather and scatter immediately. You must learn to invest before you scatter. 

*Every consumable product is good, but you must not consume everything. If you can't control your appetite, you will not be able to control your expenses. Until you have the understanding of dry season, you can't appreciate the raining season.*

If you can spend daily, you must learn to save daily. This is one of the things the rich do. You can discipline yourself to save #20,000 per month out of your allowance, and spend #13,000 for the month. 

#20,000 multiplied by 12 is #240,000. 

#13,000 multiplied by 12 is #156,000. 

If you live by this principle by the end of your NYSC, you would have saved #240,000 and spend #156,000. 

After your first salary, check your outflow. Write out all your daily expenses. This will help you manage the #13,000 within a month. *Money will always push you to spend, but you must discipline yourself and spend wisely.*

Do you know you can make up your mind, not to buy clothes for one year? *I know you need to change your wardrobe but don't. You can make your NYSC uniform your MTN sim card; every where you go!*

The government has given you the uniform, no one can embarrass you for wearing it often. 

*The price for greatness is not in your comfort zone, it is in your discomfort zone. The beauty of every fruit is in the death of its seed. If you are not paying the price, you can't receive the prize.*

Trusting someone who have not fulfilled his or her promise, is like trusting the blind to show you the way. Your parents connections doesn't guarantee you a job after your Youth Service. It is only by trusting GOD and paying the PRICE will you be directed to men who will help you get the prize! 

Not all graduates should have a job, but all graduates should have a work where they earn a minimum of their NYSC allowance. 

Financial indiscipline has hindered this generation from experiencing financial dominion. This is because, we want to impress those who are not paying us attention.

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