Gospel singer Sola Allyson advise the youth on marriage

I've been following some radio discussions about marriage recently... 

And I get many messages... 

I am not an authority for I am still on my own journey too. But I know some "liru liru" things... 

Many young Men have been conditioned to believe it is when they work hard and have money that they can make a Woman happy. So there's confusion when they see Women not being "happy" when "given everything" by a Man who has money. Then the agelong but not true conclusion that a "Woman can never be satisfied." The Man moves on to another Woman, on and on. He becomes and remains wounded inside and unhappy, but "must be a man". He comforts himself with "Women can never be satisfied" and makes it a mindset and passes it down to others looking up to him... 

But what I know is this, being a Woman myself who has seen some of life too, we are ignoring the much more important things here and for this reason Men and Women are not happy, even when they have "everything"...

I know that MONEY IS IMPORTANT and a Guy must work hard and be motivated to make money... Ó wà important gidi! 

But that has to be among other things like good amount of sense, leadership, being stable/consistent, inner strength, etc.

Guys, work hard and make money, it is important, but making a Woman happy is not exclusive to money only! Be motivated to grow in heart and mind too. Especially these days when the dynamics have changed and Women are adequately empowered too. Search and know the NEEDS of that Woman. She's not your Mum, Sister or Grandma. The Woman in your life is a blessing to you if only you unlearn the false representetion of manhood handed over to you about "working hard and making money"! Unlearn. Relearn. You'll be happy too and your own emotional needs met. You're not taught to pay attention to your own needs, RIGHT? Well, you have needs too and they can be met when your Woman is happy!

Do better than the older generation. They worked with the knowledge they had. Just a bit number of them enjoyed it all because they didn't follow public opinions. Knowledge has advanced. Look deeper. Life can be sweeter and everyone can be happy!

Making a Woman happy is NOT EXCLUSIVE TO MONEY. 😊

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