Emoney's Real Source Of Wealth Exposed

Emoney's Real Source Of Wealth Exposed 

Born on the 18th of February, 1981, Chief Dr. Emeka Okonkwo is a Nigerian born multimillionaire and entertainment guru.

His record label, the 5-star music was home to a good number of artists including Skibi, Harrysong, Xbusta and Kcee, his elder brother.

There has also been a lot of rumours regarding the sources of his wealth, as many associate him Hushpuppi, Mompha, BNaira and other Instagram multimillionaires.

Well, the Anambra born entertainment entrepreneur is in a different ball game, as he runs a good number of businesses.

First, Emoney is the Chief Executive Officer of the Emy Cargo & Shipping Nigerian Limited. Their services include Importing, Exporting, Warehousing, Sales of Exotic Vehicles, Clearing & Forwarding, Haulage, Logistics and Sea Freight.

He also runs one of the biggest record labels in the country, and that alone is a multi-million Naira business.

Emoney launched a tomato paste business in 2017, and has a good number of other businesses!

Well, thanks a lot for reading along. You have known the true sources of EMoney's wealth now.

Here you now have it nairalanders, especially those that think he made his money through dubious means...

E-money's Real Source Of Wealth Exposed

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