Business you can do during your Nysc service Year

1. Housing Agent business

As a Corps Member you can make a lot of money if you become a house agent. New corps members always have a problem of housing themselves in the new environment.

So, you can make money by helping them find suitable accommodations.

If you are already serving in a particular area, take out time to go round the area, meet landlords and discuss business with them. Find out those that need tenants and the price of their house rents and other things that might help you.

Make prior arrangements with landlords when the next batch of corps members are to be discharged from orientation camp. When they will be discharged from orientation camp, you can paste your posters that there are accommodations in so and so places.

You can even announce in CDS that you have accommodations for rent. You will be amazed how this will boom. If you are serious, you can make up to N100,000.

For example; if you can get 30 persons, and your profit for each is N5,000; that’s N150,000.

2. Private lessons business

This is another lucrative business that many Corps Members have overlooked. There was a guy who was very good in mathematics and physics, and he was posted to Kano state.

NYSC eventually posted to teach in a secondary school after orientation camp. to teach during his services year. As a teacher, he started running a private mathematics tutorial.

He picked it up as a challenge, and bent down to study mathematics to know what to teach.

With some efforts, he grew to large audience and made over N200,000 from the tutorial before he completed his service year.

About 85% of corps members are posted to schools to teach. If that privilege is given to you, don’t let anything stops you from starting a private tutorial.

Note, this works better for subjects like, mathematics, English physics, chemistry and biology. This business can give you as much as N50,000 per month.

Be a good friends of your students, be a good teacher by knowing what to teach. Also, meet the parents of those who cannot pay your lesson to let them know why they should pay for theid children. They will be glad to meet you, and would pay for their children.

3. Product Trade

This is another profitable business suitable for Corps members. If NYSC post you to a very far place, so instead of whining and complaining, you can turn that into an advantage.

Find cheap goods in your home but costly where you are posted. Buy the goods in large quantity, and then re-sell it for profits in your new environment.

This may require real planning and marketing strategies but it will surely work for you.

You can buy palm oil in the east and sell in the north or you can buy yam in the north and sell it in the east. Also you can buy cheap things from Lagos or Onitsha and sell for profits in Abuja or Port Harcourt.

4. Internet Business

Many people are making millions from the internet today. The internet business is vast, so you can choose the area you are good in. Some internet businesses you can do are; affiliate marketing, blogging, data entry, online shop, wed design, information marketing, and so on.

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